No me sirve/It doesn’t serve me


I was trying on clothes the other day, clothes that someone gave me. They were mostly size four garments and most did not fit me. In a fit of exasperation I yelled “¡no me sirve!” In this context, no me sirve means “it does not fit me.” But the literal translation is it does not serve me.

And so I had an aha! moment. I was frustrated that the clothes didn’t fit me, that I was once a size four and I am not that anymore. But in reality, these size four clothes do not serve me, they don’t serve my body anymore. Sure I need to go to the gym and I need to eat better, but should I do that so I can fit into these clothes? Exercising and eating better are about serving my body, not about fitting into smaller clothes.

This got me thinking, What else is not serving me anymore? What am I trying to fit into that is simply not sirviendome (serving me)? Maybe the vision that God has for you is bigger than the one you are trying to squeeze your behind into. lol

Or maybe it’s the other way around. Maybe you are overwhelmed by everything you have to do to accomplish a mission, that perhaps, is too big for you or too big for you alone. Big clothes can overwhelm a body. Maybe it’s time to think smaller, in bite size pieces, to do less with more focus.

I think I am in the latter category. My time is limited and sometimes, in my desire to serve, I wear myself too thin and give too much in a way that does not serve me (or my family). Everything that I do, from creative entrepreneurship, ministry, my job, etc., it has to serve me/family in some way. I am letting that be the barometer this year.

Either way, when something is too big or too small for you, no sirve, it does not serve. Realizing this is the first step in getting rid of it.

As an artist…as a mom…in your spiritual life…what is not serving you anymore? God has a vision, a mission that is tailor made just for you. He will guide you to it if you simply ask him.

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