No Place to Hide is the Only Place to Be


This goes along with my previous post about not “running away from the runway.”

I’ve said this before, you all know that Dan attracts A LOT of attention, and it’s not always positive. There’s no place to hide when I’m with him. He makes noises, flaps his hands, skips and jumps as we are “walking” to our destination. A simple excursion to CVS has to be planned. If I’m not centered and prayed up I can go gangsta on you If anyone says something stupid.

Okay maybe not “gangsta” but you will hear my mouth, if I don’t walk away crying first.

Last year,  we went to the Natural History Museum and on our way back on the train we met a man who started asking questions about Dan, the train was crowded, Dan was making noise and, of course, all eyes were on him. Long story short, our conversation led to a talk about God and I ended up inviting him to our church.

So, if that unwanted attention leads someone to God, then here I am Lord. No place to hide is indeed the only place to be.

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