Mother yourself like a Real Motha!


For some, Mother’s Day can bring up feelings of sadness and loss.  In recent conversations I have had, people miss and still need their moms despite how old they are. I could relate,  and I came up with this thought that I felt led to share with you.

No matter how old you get, you still need your mother. Whether she is still with you and thriving, whether she lives far away, whether she is sick and no longer the same (like mine), or even if she has passed and is no longer with us.

I am 40 something years old and I still need my mom. And in those moments, when I can’t get to her quick enough, I have to be my own mother. I have to affirm myself as if she were right here sitting next to me. I have to love myself with ferocity, like a real Motha! 😁

As parents, moms especially, special needs moms most definitely, we tend to mother everybody but ourselves; our kids, our spouses, even those younger than us at our jobs. We mother hard. And I, particularly, learned from the best. I have a very affirming mom. Still, in her sickness, she’s doling out advice making sure I take care of myself. She mothered fiercely, like a mama bear, well, like a real Motha!

I will fall upon them like a bear robbed of her cubs;

I will tear open their breast,

and there I will devour them like a lion, as a wild beast would rip them open.

Hosea 13:8

But for those of you who never did, or don’t have a mother like that, or maybe whose mom is far away, (and whether you have kids or not), I venture to say to mother yourself like the mother you wished you had. Be that mother you longed for, and say those things to yourself that you wish she would have said. I do it all the time. I still need a motherly voice to tell myself ” I’m proud of you” to tell me ” I’m proud of what you’re doing with your art, your kids, your life”! “you turned out to be a great woman.” I hear this from my husband (and I need to continue hearing it from him) but there’s something about hearing it from my mom that I miss and also need, so if I can’t get it from her, I say it to myself and in some small way I feel better and it eases that longing that I continue to have.

On this Mother’s Day, how might you mother yourself like a real motha?!


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